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Camel and Desert Photos

June 6, 2007
Hi everyone again,
Just to keep you up to date as to what has happened since I last got in contact with you. We have had some terrific success along the sponsorship trail. We are now being sponsored not only by Tourism N.T. but now also by Australian Geographic. Ya Hoo. This has prompted me to get even more active to get as many people and corporations involved in the expedition.
Officially we now have:
Tourism N.T.
Australian Geographic
Naturally we are in discussions with other organisations and from now I will keep an updated list for your information.
We’ve done a couple of safaris since the last entry to my space. They have been excellent and had some really lovely people on tour. The camels are brilliant at the moment. They are all behaving themselves and the passengers have fallen in love with them.
We were going to get our camels today to do some training for the Darwin to Melbourne Expedition but unfortunately the motor bike just won’t go so frustration is the order of the day. You need the bike to get the camels into the yard. One vehicle just isn’t enough.Hopefully, I’ll be able to get it going soon. Really want to start some more training on the expedition camels. Besides we miss them terribly.
We went to the Oodnadatta Races the other day. It was terrific and along the way back to William Creek we took some photos for your enjoyment. I find the ones of the camels excellent but check out the ones of the old railway siding of the old Ghan Railway Line. The ruins along the track are fascinating. There are some trek photos for you to look at as well.
Take care everyone and please if you can help us with the Darwin To Melbourne Thank You Camel Expedition 2008-2009 let us know at .
One way everyone can help is by passing this site onto all of your friends, business associates, family for them to enjoy and in some way be a part of the expedition by showing appreciation to Moira Kelly and the Children First Foundation by saying thank you in some way. The more people who know about the expedition and get involved, the more we will achieve the expeditions aims and objectives.
Cheers for now.
Russ and Ros