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Leaving Alice Springs For William Creek

April 10, 2007



Leaving a Place with wonderful people has been difficult to say the least. Over the summer months, some days were close to 50 degrees, we managed to train five pretty wonderful camels which are at trek standard (most of them anyway). Two are ready for the commercial string and another two are nearly there. The final one will be along shortly.

Dennis Orr at the Frontier Camel Farm has been a wonderful camelman to be working with. He knows his animals like the back of his hand and his manner with staff at the farm is refreshing to see in an organisation. It was a great place to work and many thanks goes out to Dennis and his team at the Frontier Camel Farm.

One of the highlights was the two hundred and twenty kilometer trek to train the camels. We went to Dennis’s family’s property and saw some amazing country. Country that isn’t accessable to the hords of tourists along the traditional topurist trails that flow from Alice Springs.

Look forward to seeing everyone here in Alice again in summer of 2007/2008

Training Camels in Alice Springs

Alice Springs has been good for training camels at the Frontier Camel Farm. It has been hot and some days were nearly unbearable but we now have five camels that are useable in a string for trekking. Next stop is William Creek for the tourist season with Explore THe Outback Camel Safaris.