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Alice Springs preparations

December 14, 2007
Hot Hi everyone,
Well its certainly hotting up here in Alice Springs. The camels are all well and getting fat in preparation for the expedition. The saddles are being made. All of the equipment is being collected and final parts of the paperwork is being completed.
The reality of the expedition is that this is the real work of an expedition. The preparation is most important as it lessens the chance of mistakes and mishaps.
The camels are in a paddock which has cars, motor bikes, buses, trucks and trains going past all of the time. The planes coming into Alice Springs almost land on the camels (well not quite but they are very low flying overhead). This is excellent for them to get used to all of what they are about to undertake over the next two years.
I’m amazed where this expedition has already gone to without having even started from Darwin (Departure Date: 23/3/08 from Darwins Parliament House). Dear and trusted friends of ours currently living in Cairns emailed us to let us know that the expedition was written up in the local newspaper there. Also, recently we were on the front page of the Kimberley Echo in Western Australia, with a write up on the inside pages. I suppose this sort of thing will just happen.
The media is an important part of this expedition as they assist the information and purpose of the expedition to be distributed to the national and international public.
The more people who know about it the more sucessful it will be.
Our Sponsors have been terrific with their assistance to the expedition.
N.T. Tourism
Australian Geographic Society
Explore the Outback Camel Safaris
Desert Dwellers
have all been just so supportive, along with many people and government bodies all over Australia.
There is still a lot of planning and preparation to go and the truth is we are really looking forward to the start of the expedition and meeting everyone we have been in contact with in organising this event.
Cheers everyone
Russ and Ros

Training Camels in Alice Springs

March 28, 2007
Alice Springs has been good for training camels at the Frontier Camel Farm. It has been hot and some days were nearly unbearable but we now have five camels that are useable in a string for trekking. Next stop is William Creek for the tourist season with Explore THe Outback Camel Safaris.