One Year On…Russell Osborne, Ros Consoli

October 13, 2010

What an incredible year since the Darwin to Melbourne Thank You Camel Expedition reached the Royal Children’s Hospital after eighteen months of walking and 6500kms on foot to say thank you to Moira Kelly and the Children First Foundation.

The foundation is having their annual ball on the 12th November and Ros and I will meet with Moira, Marg, all of the very special volunteers and the children whom the foundation has supported through their medical needs. This will be the first time we will meet with Trishna and Krishna as well. They will have to wait till they are a bit older until they meet the camels. We aren’t taking the camels to the ball.

Details of the ball are at:

I have been extremely busy setting up camel safaris and camel expedition training at Beltana Station and these details can be seen at:

Also, I have been active with keynote speaking at:

The more exciting news is that I am now in the preparation mode for yet another Trans-continental Camel Expedition from Perth to Sydney in 2013. Again to support Moira Kelly and the Children First Foundation. This expedition, I shall perform solo which will add a new dimention to the expedition, Ros believes that one expedition is enough. I sincerely hope everyone can become a part of this expedition by following it’s progress from the development stage right through to the actual expedition and the blogs I shall post on the Perth to Sydney Thank You Camel Expedition website.

An easy way to keep informed of the expedition is to become a member of the website. That way, blogs will be posted to you as they are developed.

The Perth to Sydney Thank You Camel Expedition website can be found at:

A global activist site I have become a member of is:

It’s been a great site and I’ve had so many contacts from overseas with really fantastic people doing many things from this site.

Thank You to all who are and have supported Ros and I with our quest of highlighting the work of the Children First Foundation and the support given to the camel expeditions.

Take care and always keep your dreams alive.

“Live today like it’s your last, One day it will be”

Russell Osborne


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