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Alice Springs to Oodnadatta

May 25, 2009
           Hi everyone. Well we have finally made it to Oodnadatta with the expedition.
Travelling along the Old Ghan Railway line was incredible with so many stories and of course some incredible country travelled through.
The amount of work to create a railway line in such harsh conditions was a thing that was continuously on our minds. Most of it done created with the help of hundreds of camels and their expert handlers.
Along the way we have met some remarkable Australians……Jane at Maryvale, who works at the Art Centre There. What a beautiful person and her welcoming nature was awsome.
Wayne Williams at Hamilton station offered us some meat and a couple of beers. We sat around and chatted for ages. What a true gentleman with the old traditional bush spirit oozing from his natural personality.
Jane and Pete at Finke fed us with a home cooked meal and a terrific night meeting the locals. Terrific help and warm welcoming.
Thanks to you all.
     It is the small things that mean so much when doing something like this type of travelling.
     The word is clearly getting out regarding this expedition and with all of your help to pass this website address onto your contacts list is assisting enourmously. Please, if you haven’t already done so, please do and spread the news of the expedition and of the fantastic work Moira Kelly and the Children First Foundation are doing in changing and saving children’s lives.
       For those of you who don’t know, we have never met or even spoken to Moira Kelly but knowing of her life of incredible service to help children and the total dedication she has demonstrated, she deserves all of our support and genuine show of THANKS as a remarkable and exceptional human.
     Our next stop is William Creek where most of the camels were caught and trained. They are going home for a brief stopover. It should be interesting to see their reaction as we yard them at William Creek. They were very excited here in Oodnadatta, bouncing around like Yo-Yo’s in the yards that they clearly remembered. They are really enjoying their day off, eating, drinking and resting up in the sun.
    So far, we are on target for our Melbourne date of the 22nd November 2009 from Government House 10.00am in Melbourne, down Swanston Street to the Royal Children’s Hospital in Royal Park. The only thing that stops camel trekking completely in it’s tracks is rain so we are hoping to have clear trekking weather. We will stop at the monument to Bourke and Wills and to our knowledge, we are the first expedition to be at that location since Bourke and Wills set off on their faiteful expedition, so there is quite a historical aspect to this expedition as well. We are planning to lay a wreath at the monument to the early explorers to pay our respects to them. Now we have only some understanding of some of the issues they went through, we know they were truely very gutsy people. Certainly hope you all can make it and walk with us through the city as a show of thanks to Moira Kelly and the Children First Foundation.
     The fundraising is going well with the help of the Bendigo Bank. Donations to the Children First Foundation can be made at any Bendigo Bank Branch throughout Australia into the charity account they set up under the name…..Children First Camel Trek.
      The target is $100,000 which will save and change children’s lives. Please Give Generously. There is nothing more precious in the world than a child to be happy and healthy.
        Take care everyone.
         Feel free to write comments, add to the guest book of this web page.
         All the very best
Russell Osborne and Ros Consoli