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Departure Preparations From Alice Springs to Melbourne

March 7, 2009
Departure Preparations are well on the way for the second half of the Darwin to Melbourne Thank You Camel Expedition 2008-2009.
Over the summer months, we have been in contact with the shire councils and the response has been outstanding in support of the expedition. Also the service clubs en-route have offered assistance and encouragement for fundraising and awareness of the work Moira Kelly and the Children First Foundation do.
It has been a summer of much anxiety with the fires in Victoria, and our hearts are extended to all those who were affected by this disaster. I know that every Australian felt pain for those so badly affected. Australians ought to be proud of themselves for the speed and willingness to offer assistance and financial support in the manner we did. It is something Australians are good at….helping a mate in need.
We received a donation for the Children First Foundation via the online donation page at: the other day from Streaky Bay Real Estate which I just have to tell you about.
Peter, the owner of the Streaky Bay Real Estate, added a link on his business website to this expedition website (as well as gave the Children First Foundation a donation via the website donation page). His business of course is selling real estate. You really need to check this out:
Click on the for sale button and have a good giggle.
He is a beaute bloke and we thank him and his wife for their support.
If you own a business or are a member of a club etc and would like to do something similar to what Peter has done, please do so and add this site as a link to your website, give a donation if you can and help us to raise the $100.000 target for the kids and assist us to spread the news of the expedition. The more people who know of the expedition, it’s aims and objectives, the more successful it will be.
Not forgetting that donations can be made at any Bendigo Bank Branch in Australia into the Children First Foundation Camel Trek account. This is a closed account in that no-one (except the bank) has access to this account and the Bendigo Bank will present a cheque to the Children First Foundation at the end of the expedition with the donations collected. Let’s ensure it’s a big surprise by adding to this account.
Our aim is to do the kilometers during the first half of this years trekking and slow down as we approach Melbourne to ensure we are on target for the walk through Melbourne on the 22/11/09. As you can imagine, with camel trekking, some days are diamonds and some are stone. We will be in a position to inform you of our progress as we travel along with anticipated dates and times of when we will be in towns en-route. Please keep an eye on this website to know when we will be in your town en-route. Hope you can join us by walking through your town en-route as a show of thanks to Moira Kelly and those attached to the Children First Foundation.
22/11/09 10.00am Walk down Swanston Street to the Royal Children’s Hospital
Put this date in your diary and make a committment to join us from Government House at 10.00am, travelling down Swanston Street through Melbourne to the RCH as a show of thanks to Moira and her teams. Let’s show Moira and her teams how much Australians appreciate their work and efforts helping change and save children’s lives.
23/11/09 Day at the Royal Children’s Hospital
24/11/09 Walk out of Melbourne to Woodstock
25/11/09 Walk towards Kilmore
26/11/09 Walk to the Children First Foundation Farm at Kilmore.
Leaving Alice Springs is shaping up to being quite an event, thanks to the Alice Springs Council and many other organisations.
We will leave from the council lawns at 12.00 noon and travel down the Todd River. Our aim is to create a world first of number of people walking through the Gap at the same time with the camel train to show our thanks to Moira and the CFF.
The Heavy Tree Gap Resort on the south side of the Gap are putting on a function of which case the profits will go to the CFF. Everyone welcome.
We’ll be in contact with regular updates of the expedition as we travel throughout the year.
Take care
Russ and Ros

Darwin to Melbourne Thank You Camel Expedition 2008-2009

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Sunday 29/3/09

Come with the camel train through the  Gap, attempting a record number of people walking the Gap, at the same time.


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