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Halls Creek

July 8, 2008
Hi everyone it’s Ros and Russ here in Halls Creek getting ready to launch ourselves down the Canning Stock Route.
We arrived at Halls Creek in Western Australia a couple of days ago and the Shire Council here have been absolutely terrific with support and permission for us to stay at the racecourse. They even threw on a B.B.Q. and it was a terrific evening chatting with everyone.
DSCF0979  DSCF0981  DSCF0985
The journey from Kununurra was excellent with so many lovely people who stopped and chatted, gave donations and occasionally a cold drink.
The country is very tough to do this type of walking in and now that we are starting to reach more desert country, we are hoping for easier walking conditions.
The messages that we are getting from friends and family is most welcomed and of course all of the goodwill of the people along the way. I keep on saying we should have done this ten years ago. The whole experience is truely amazing.
DSCF0929  DSCF0957
The camels are doing as well as to be expected considering they have just completed a thousand kilometers in country that is not theirs.
Baci is slowly getting better and this rest will do him, all of the camels and especially ourselves, the world of good. The next leg is long and tough with no rest until December when we get to Alice Springs.
We have been joined by a couple of our friends for the next section of the journey, the Canning Stock Route.
As we prepare for the Canning Stock Route, we’d like to say a big hello to all of the public who we met along the way and a huge thanks to the Halls Creek Shire for all of their assistance, the B.B.Q. and their help to make the people of HAlls Creek aware of the camel expedition.
I really can’t say when the next update from us directly but both of us would like to say a huge hello and thanks to our mate, Phil Gee for keeping the news updates going for everyone to continue to be informed of our progress.
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As I have been walking what seemed to be endless kilometers, I have been racking my brain to see how I can help all of you also to be involved in the expedition and it’s aims and objectives. I think I have an answer. What about a send off dinner party no matter wherever you live.
Here is the idea:
Ros and Russ’s
See you later and good luck
fundraising dinner party.
Next Saturday night (at your house)
Who’s invited?
BYO, BRING A PLATE (Either main course dish or a dessert), a $10.00 donation for the Children First Foundation to be banked during the following week by the host the following week at any Bendigo Bank in their charity account for the expedition ‘Children First Camel Track’
So that was the idea. Minimum cost as everyone brings their own food and drink and it helps the foundation continue to do their lifesaving work with the kids. Make a camel / desert theme for the dinner party, have some fun with it. We’ll be thinking about everyone next Saturday night and it would be just great if you do decide to have the dinner party to let everyone know how it went on the guestbook page of the website.
We’ll thanks again to everyone who has given so much without wanting anything in return.
Love to you all
Russ and Ros
P.S. Wish us luck and keep us in your prayers. We’re about to venture into one of the most isolated and remote parts of the planet. Can’t wait.