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Katherine Northern Territory

April 2, 2008
What a fantastic day we had for the opening of the expedition. The Shire of Katherine was just terrific and advertised the camel expedition and a photo opportunity for all who came to see the camels all dressed up for the launch of the expedition.
People were most interested in the expedition and it’s aims and of course the camels.
The girls from Southern Cross came down to lend a hand and take photos.
We dressed the camels up in their parade outfits which we will be doing again when we get to Alice Springs and in Melbourne.
With last minute details still to do, (to organise yourself to be self sufficient takes a lot of planning and logistical work), we are hoping to be on our way heading for the N.T. W.A. border and should be in Kununurra in approximately six weeks time.
We are of course wanting to thank the Katherine Shire Council, the N.T. Police (Katherine Branch) and the Showground Committee for their support whilst we have been in Katherine and all of the residents of Katherine who have come and visited us, offered support and assistance.
We are very much looking forward to getting to Kununurra and meeting with everyone there.
If you do see us along the way, please don’t hesitate to stop and have a chat. We would also encourage everyone to support the aims and objectives of the expedition by supporting the Children First Foundation.
Cheers Katherine, get ready Kununurra and bye for now.
Love you all
Russ and Ros
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