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The Camels Are Ready

February 12, 2008
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              Ros With Jack                      The expedition Route
One month to go now and the wild flurry of getting things organised is well on the way. The saddles are being made and looking great, the food is being collected and organised. Boxes and boxes of food cover the bedroom of the cabin we have and we can’t even get into the room without stepping carefully around kilo’s of rice, pasta and beans etc.
    The saddle bags are ready and so is most of the equipment we need for such a journey. There is just so much gear you need and have totally organised for the possible events that may occur in remote conditions. We need to know exactly where each and every item is in the 24 saddlebags needed for the expedition.
    The camels are looking fantastic and probably the best they have ever looked. We have been feeding them up well with good protein foods and a different variety of hays. They look strong and very healthy.
    Many of our friends have been helping in so many different ways. Helping us over some pretty large hurdles that we have had and are still experiencing in organising the expedition. We have some brilliant friends. Thanks ever so much to you all.
    Getting the expedition on the road has been an incredible journey so far and I know this last month will be challenging to say the least. This has been the biggest thing I have ever organised and Ros has been terrific support and she fully into the whole project. Thanks to my darling Ros.
    So many people have written to us, wishing us well and we’d like to thank them for their kind thoughts.
    There are some beautiful photos of the camels during watering time. Feel free to have a look in the photo section of this website.
    There will certainly be some pretty cool photos of them during this two year journey to help Moira Kelly and the Children First Foundation save children’s lives.
That is what it’s all about after all.
Love to all
Russ and Ros
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