An amazing bunch of supporters

January 28, 2008
Last year, both Ros and I had an amazing time on an expedition with some pretty amazing people who were genuine in their convictions to assist others in need, the environment and themselves spiritually. It was a most refreshing time to see people actually being genuine in their convictions towards caring.
Check their latest newsletter out at:
We were extremely impressed with them and are now close friends of ours. Im am sure their are many other groups of people full of love and honesty like these friends of ours.
Love you guys and keep up the good work helping others and the environment.

2 Responses to “An amazing bunch of supporters”

  1. Sam Says:

    Really very positive! thanks Rus and Ros! 
    Great too to see too that \’cultural differences\’ (for want of a better word – I would prefer "cultural riches" in fact) can be celebrated in a world that is too often xenophobic and blind!
    Best to you both

  2. Russell Says:

    Cheers Sam,
    It was an incredible trip we had with some beautiful people and you\’re so right about cultural riches.
    Keep the flag flying and best wishes.
    Russ and Ros

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