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Australian Camels and Cameleers Russell and Ros

January 31, 2008
Thanks to RM Williams Outback Magazine for a terrific advertising write up of the Darwin to Melbourne Thank You Camel Expedition, it’s aims and objectives.

An amazing bunch of supporters

January 28, 2008
Last year, both Ros and I had an amazing time on an expedition with some pretty amazing people who were genuine in their convictions to assist others in need, the environment and themselves spiritually. It was a most refreshing time to see people actually being genuine in their convictions towards caring.
Check their latest newsletter out at:
We were extremely impressed with them and are now close friends of ours. Im am sure their are many other groups of people full of love and honesty like these friends of ours.
Love you guys and keep up the good work helping others and the environment.

Camels ready……set……go

January 18, 2008

      With two months to go before we truck the camels to Darwin for the Kick-off from Parliament House and then along Mitchell Street, there is so much to do and it seems so little amount of time to do it in now. It has been over a decade since the first thought of doing such a trek and it’s nearly here. Ya Hoo.

We are furiously getting everything ready for the event in Darwin as well as the whole trek. How much food do we need etc. So far everything is on track and on time and all of our mates are offering help and assistance any which way they can. We have the best mates, there is no doubt about that fact.

All of the gear is being made to suit the size of the camels and the requirements of carrying everything for such an extended period of time.

Assorted photos 255

Making the ‘spiders’ for the camels to be attached to each other in a string.


Assorted photos 261

Some of the saddle bags ready for the expedition and other necessary items.


Assorted photos 259

Saddle bags ready for the expedition


 Ros and Food 001

Ros in the bedroom of the cottage we are living in in Alice Springs with just some of the food boxes being prepared for the expedition.


I was reminded recently about the ill fated Bourke and Wills expedition and how we will be going from the North to the South into Melbourne and arriving at the Children’s Hospital, only a couple of hundred meters from where the Bourke and Wills expedition left Melbourne from. There is a monument there honouring them. We are looking forward to seeing it when we get there.

You have to hand it to the early explorers though. They had no idea what they were getting into. At least nowadays we have experience and knowledge on our side. They were gutsy people and I admire them.

I have always wanted to be the first person to have been in a piece of country, never visited by Europeans before. Perhaps I have in my travels, perhaps I haven’t. I have always wanted to see the Aboriginal people lifestyle and cultures as they were prior to colonisation. I know that is never going to happen.

Somehow, I always knew that I would be doing something like this for the most disadvantaged in our global community. I sincerely hope the whole of Australia gets behind this expedition in a major way and show the world that Aussies do care about the kids, wherever they come from……..Hang on, let’s re-adjust that just for a moment, I hope the global community gets behind the expedition to show the kids we care. Full Stop.

Ros and I will be doing our bit.

Please Join us to show appreciation and thanks to Moira Kelly and the Children First Foundation when we are in the towns and cities en-route.

Cheers everyone.


Russell Osborne

Ros Consoli

P.S. The camels are looking fantastic, getting fat and ready for the expedition. We have been hand feeding them everyday with the best feed we can buy in Alice Springs. They have a big job to do and deserve to be ready as well.