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Final Darwin Preparations

November 24, 2007
The Camels are Coming………Get Ready!
The final preparations for the beginnings of the expedition have now been done and the support from friends, the N.T. Government and local governments, business’s and organisations has been marvellous. Thank you to everyone who is offering help and assistance to make this expedition a success with the objectives of the expedition clearly in mind.
I went to Darwin to meet with mates, the Government and some of our sponsors to finalise the details. What a couple of weeks it was.
I ended up having two media interviews and got a report in the N.T. News and on the ABC radio. So…….the word is now officially out.
The Darwin to Melbourne Thank You Camel Expedition 2008-2009 is officially public material now. Finally after over ten years work and one heck of a learning curve, it’s a happening thing.
Now all we need is good weather for the month of March 2008 in Darwin. There is a plan B should the weather not be so nice to us but plan A is there and all in place now.
Now we are back in Alice Springs with the saddles being made and all of the equipment being collected. The camel jewellery is ready and the camel blankets with the sponsors logos are being delt with.
I am personally so excited because I know that Darwin, Alice Springs and Melbourne will not have ever seen something like this before. The camels are going to look fantastic with all of their decorations on them.
3 months to go………………CAN’T WAIT.
Thanks ever so much to all of our mates, associates, sponsors and Government Bodies.
Love U All
Russ and Ros