William Creek

May 12, 2007

Finally here in William Creek again. It has been good seeing everyone here again. The country is still under drought conditions and it is very hard on the land, the animals and people of the region. The country is stressed and in bad condition. It’s very sad to see. We have already taken one trek for the year. Some great people came along and we are very much looking forward to the next camel trek. We haven’t seen the expedition camels yet as they are in a huge paddock of 220sq km and for the moment it is probably best to leave them for another month so they have a good feed up and get fat for the Darwin to Melbourne Thank You Camel Expedition.

We have made huge inroads in the organisation of the expedition. There are now literally hundreds of people actively involved and willing to help. Government agencies are almost bending themselves over backwards to assist and the response from local councils en-route has been awsome. Some of the local councils have offered the camels yards at their showgrownds and the like and even accomodation for Ros and Myself as well as the promise of putting on some community based event as a fundraiser for the Children First Foundation for when we arrive in their regions. Councils have also offered to advertise the expedition for a large turnout of people to say thank you adn walk with the expedition as we walk through their towns and cities.

Tourism N.T. have been awsome and have offered for media and part sponsorship of the expedition. Can’t thank them enough for their assistance. They will be classed as a major sponsor of the Expedition.

Other organisations have also offered to do a community based fundraising event for the cff (Children First Foundation) as a part of the expedition. Just recently, with discussions with the Northern Territory Chamber of Commerce they have also promised a fundraising event with members of the Chamber of Commerce. Awsome. We really hope to reach and exceed our $100,000 fundraising target for the cff. That would certainly help a few kids. Hope everyone can help us with this target….and beyond.

We have organised for a really good send off from Darwin on the 23/3/08 (Easter Sunday) 10.00am and of course everyone is invited to be there at Parliament House in Darwin in support and appreciation for what Moira Kelly and the Children First Foundation, www.childrenfirstfoundation.com/ , do for children from some of the most disadvantaged regions of the world. It is certainly worthwhile checking out their website. You’ll understand why the Children First Foundation are so respected and supported not only here in Australia but also overseas in many countries.

If you can help in some way with either a fundraising event for the Children First Foundation through the Darwin To Melbourne Thank You Camel Expedition 2008-2009 or helping the expedition as we travel through the towns and cities en-route, please let us know at: dundeecamels@hotmail.com

Take care for now and we will post another update next month.

Love you all

Russell and Ros


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